TIMELINE PART 2.  1509-1603.


1509                          Henry VIII became King and married Katherine of Aragon.

1520-30                   SIMEON STYWARD, brother of the Prior of Ely Abbey arrived in Undley as the 

                                      Abbey’s Steward.  He later moved to Lakenheath to be Steward here also. 

                                      In the early 16thC large quantities of wild fowl were being sent to the Abbey as

                                      well as large quantities of sedge being sent to Cambridge market.                                               

 1527                         Henry VIII’s request for an annulment of his marriage to Katherine of Aragon.

                                     was refused by the Pope.

 1534                        The Act of Supremacy declared Henry to be ‘Supreme Head of the Church in

                                     England’ thereby replacing the Pope.


                                    At some time in this century the early origins of Goward House were built in the

                                    High Street.



1536                        Monasteries and religious shrines began to be confiscated and their wealth went

                                    to the Crown.   

1537                        Lakenheath men took part in a military exercise at Mildenhall led by Simeon


1538                        Walsingham shrine was destroyed. Pilgrims had passed across the Warren on the

                                    Pilgrim Trail. Was there a royal connection to the Village?                                                                                                                     

1539                         Ely Abbey was dissolved loosing it’s lands and treasure. 


                                 Read about the Dissolution of the Monasteries.


1541                       Ely Abbey was returned to the monks and Simeon Styward was the Steward of

                                   Lakenheath. The governance of the former Abbey was now in the hands of the

                                   ‘Dean and Chapter Of Ely Cathedral’.


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 1541                       ROBERT UPTON, vicar of Lakenheath had his vicarage where 64 and 66 High Street

                                    are now. He remained here until 1557 and would have witnessed the religious

                                    troubles which were to come.                                                                               

1542                        The first Witchcraft Act was passed.

1547                        Death of Henry VIII.

1547                        King Edward VI, the Protestant ‘Boy King’ reigned for a short time.

                                    Religiously motivated destruction at St. Mary’s Church.  

1549                        Kett’s rebellion began at Wymondham in protest against land enclosures by

                                    landowners.  Robert Kett was later hanged at Norwich Castle. There was a rebel

                                    camp near Brandon.

1552                        The first Poor Law was enacted. Each Parish had a duty to register and collect alms

                                    for the poor of the Parish.                                                                                        

1553                        Queen Mary Tudor. (Bloody Mary), a Catholic Queen reigned. The costs of   

                                    Heresy were great.   


                             Read about Lakenheath and it’s Religious Troubles.



 1558                      The reign of Queen Elizabeth I began and religious changes soon

                                   followed.   Elizabeth was declared Supreme Governor of the Church of England and 

                                    The Act Of Uniformity was passed enforcing church attendance.                        

1562                        A revised Witchcraft Act was passed.

1565                        Sir John Hawkins brought tobacco from America.

1566                        Immigrant weavers fleeing persecution come to Suffolk from the Netherlands.

1568                        Simeon Styward died a very successful and wealthy man.

1570                       The Pope’s excommunication of Elizabeth I was virtually a declaration of War.

1572                       Undley Manor was leased by Sir Henry North.

1575                       The first printed map of Suffolk was produced by Christopher Saxton.

1584                       Potatoes were brought from America.

1587                       Mary, Queen of Scots was executed.    

1588                       Spain threatened Invasion. The Spanish Armada. 


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 1600                      It was still possible for boats to reach Mildenhall from the coast. 

                                  An Act of Parliament was passed to allow land to be reclaimed from the fens.

                                  In 1601 a new Poor law was passed by Parliament which had implications for

                                  parishes across the country.


                              Read about Social problems and the Poor Law.


1603                      Queen Elizabeth I died having reigned for 45 years.


                               Read about Coping with Illness and Superstition.