❗️ Beware of these Covid-19 scam calls ❗️

There are reports of scam calls from an individual claiming to be from Public Health England, asking residents if they had received their letter from the government. The caller then goes on to ask if they have support from family and friends, and tries to obtain personal details.

If you receive any such call, HANG UP!

Do not give any caller any personal details. If you want to check the caller is genuine, hang up, wait five minutes for the line to clear, then call the company or organisation using a number you have found from a trusted source.

Report all scams to us via 0808 223 1133.

⚠️ Beware of fake apps ⚠️

There are reports of several ‘coronavirus update’ apps, which claim to provide updates on the virus. The fake app contains a form of ‘ransomware’, named CovidLock, which upon downloading, locks the phone and displays a message demanding that the user pay a sum of money to unlock it. These apps are available to download from various unofficial websites.

Phone users are advised to only download apps directly from the Apple Store, or Android Play Store as these are safety checked by the platforms.

For trusted news and advice on Covid-19 coronavirus, check for updates from the Department of Health and Social Care in the UK, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation (WHO).